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Agents / Mortgage Brokers




What's my commission?

Enter a sales price and your percentage splits for a quick answer.

Earnings Estimator

How many leads do you need to get the income you want.  This calculator will let you know.


Loan to Value vs. Debt Coverage Ratio

The size of a commercial loan is limited by both LTV and DCR (DSCR).  Just enter the purchase price, cap rate and basic loan details to find out what the maximum loan amount will be and whether it is being limited by the LTV or DCR.


Interested in a link exchange?

Send me an email with your web address and please put "Link Exchange" in the subject line.  Links are updated once a week.


Tell me what you think or what you would like to see.

Created by David Mollo - 2008

What's That Email?

Looking to bag that corporate client, but having a hard to getting through?  With a Fisrt Name, Last Name and Domain Name.  This "calculator" will generate all the likely combinations of the prosepects email.