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30 Year Fixed Payment Calculator

This is a payment calculator for your regular vanilla amortizing loan




Payment Calculator - ARMs and Interest Only

This calculator will calculate interest only and ARM loans.  It will show the payments both before and after the loan recasts.


Option ARM Payment Calculator

This will calculate payments for the Option ARM, including  a range of payments after recast, when recast will occur, and the cause of recast.


Rent vs. Buy - Before Taxes

As an investment should you buy your house or take that down payment and monthly savings in rent and invest in the stock market, etc.?

Mega Mortgage Calculator

Combines the fixed rate, ARM, Interest Only and Negative Amortization calculators into one spreadsheet.  This is great for comparing loans.

Negative Amortization Calculator

If you have an Option Arm, Negative Amortization, or Pick-a-Pay loan, this calculator will show you how much your loan balance will grow if you only make the minimum payment


Amortization Calculator

This calculator will show you how much interest and principal you will pay as well as your loan balance on both a monthly and yearly basis.


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Created by David Mollo - 2008

Refinance Calculator

Are you considering a refinance?  Use this calculator to compare your current loan vs a new loan.  This will compare differences in monthly payment, remaining length of loan, and interest cost to be paid.


Early Payoff 2-in-1

Do you want to know how much extra you would have to pay per month to have your loan payoff in a certain time frame?  Or if you have an extra amount of money, how much time would it shave off your original loan term?

How much can I afford?

You know how much you feel comfortable paying per month, so how big of a mortgage can you afford.  Includes a version with or without taxes and insurance information.

Prequalification Calculator

Do you want to know how much of a loan your lending institution will allow?  Here's the answer.